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9 Principles of Good Web Design

Successful web design is functional; it gets over the desired message while keeping the user interested. A well-designed website will have some combination of the following qualities: consistency; colors; colors; typography; imagery; simplicity; utility; and functionality.  A website’s overall impression depends on several subtle but crucial details in its layout and design.  The goal of …

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Designing Software for architecture

Designing software for architecture is a process that requires a deep understanding of both the art and science of designing buildings. The best CAD software for architects takes into account the specific needs of the profession, from creating accurate drawings to collaborating with other designers. By streamlining the design process, the best CAD software can …

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Top Fears and Misconceptions of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Over the long term, CustomerServ has addressed various queries from business leaders about outsourcing. Misleading decisions and fears associated with repeated outsourcing prevent companies from experiencing the benefits of an essential organization with the right call community merchants. The 10 most common misunderstandings of outsourcing can range from concerns to handling the transfer process. Will …

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